Hera is the main antagonist in the game. She is a ball of tar, just like Gish. In fact, Hera looks just like Gish, though she's grey and has red eyes. She was Gish's classmate, and also the one who kidnapped his girlfriend, Brea, and put her in a cage. When Gish finally approaches Hera, she confesses in love with him, but, as Gish is not saying anything, she thinks he rejects her and threatens to kill Brea. And so the battle begins. Gish burns Hera in lava and saves (or fails to save) Brea.

In credits the following is said about Hera:

Hera was never heard from again. Though some say they can hear her calling Gish's name from the depths of Gehenna. Sadly, to this day no one seems to remember who she was...

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